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Misting Fan
Established in 1995, China THESP Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional misting fans manufacturer and wholesale that is concerned with the design, development and production of a diverse range of electrical appliances and home appliances. Our products are selling well in the domestic markets and the overseas markets including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, USA, Japan, Canda, America and Africa. Also we provide a huge selection of misting fans reviews, compare, manufacturers.
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misting fan



WindChaser WC163 Outdoor Misting Fan
Control the 3 fan speeds and 90 degree oscillation with the soft touch controls
Activate the 4 nozzle misting hub by connecting to a standard garden hose.
All components are rust free
G-FCI safty cord
Use outdoors as a misting fan or indoors as a high performance oscillating fan
Connect the 90 degree oscillating outdoor misting fan to your garden hose and experience up to a 25 degree F apparent temperature drop. Use almost anywhere patio, pool side, sports sidelines, pet areas, worksites, tropical gardens, green houses and more. Safe to use by water with the G-FCI safety cord.
Windchill WC163 Uses refreshing mist to dramatically reduce temperatures in any room or space up to 950 square feet. Three-speed 16" veined tube axial fan.
This powerful mist cooler is newly available to the public, and is especially suitable for back yard gatherings, large patios, sporting event sidelines. This unit cools large areas for much less expense than an air conditioner, and conveniently connects to a standard hose for continuous misting. The WindChaser WC163 16" Electric Fan features a high velocity 3 speed shower proof motor, UV and rust resistant assembly. This unique misting fan can reduce the surrounding temperatures by as much as 25 degrees!


misting fans



Cool Draft Portable Misting Fan
Totally enclosed motor , UL approved
18 inch 5800 CFM fan
Fits popular 10 gallon round coolers
Runs up to 5 hours on one fill
1 year limited waranty
This totally portable unit is pefect anywhere cooling is needed. Runs on 10 gallon cooler for up to five hours. Covers 200 square feet.
Misting fan cools an area of 950 square feet up to 25 degrees
Connects to any standard garden hose
16-inch oscillating fan on an adjustable pole up to 56 inches high
Misting Fan cools your backyard guests dramatically. Entertain on your backyard patio even on the hottest days of the year. The oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan dramatically reduces the temperature of an area up to 950 square feet. Just connect it to any standard garden hose (not included) and plug it in, and you'll feel far more refreshed while enjoying that barbecue, pool party or dinner on the terrace. This misting fan cools the area around it up to 25 degrees!
The First Misting Fan for Homeowners, Contractors, Light Industry and Sports Teams that Affordably and Dramatically Reduces the Surrounding Temperatures

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